Deborah Harkins, a Public Health Director from North Worcestershire, gives a patient’s perspective on the importance of clinical trials.

Deborah received a stem cell transplant for acute myeloid leukaemia in 2016, and is participating in the FIGARO clinical trial.

At the IMPACT launch event on 1 November, Deborah said:

“I have spoken to other patients about trials and most people I have spoken to, especially those at high risk of relapse like me, wish there were more opportunities to be involved in trials, to test out new treatments.

“I think about the amazing young man who donated his stem cells to me every day. We owe it to my donor and all the others who give the ultimate gift, to make stem cell transplants work every time. IMPACT gives us the opportunity to get closer to that goal.”

Ahead of the launch event, Deborah shared her thoughts about her own experience and the importance of research.