Meet the IMPACT team

Prof Ronjon Chakraverty
Medical Director

Ronjon Chakraverty is Professor of Haematology at the University of Oxford.  He received his medical degree from the University of Birmingham and then trained in internal medicine in Cambridge. In 2015, Prof Chakraverty led the merger of the Royal Free and University College London Hospital Haematology Departments to create one of the largest transplant programs in Europe. His research focus is upon the biology of transplant (graft-versus-host-disease, graft-versus-leukaemia) and T cell immunotherapy.

Dr. Victoria Potter
Deputy Medical Director

Victoria Potter is a Consultant Haematologist specialising in myeloid malignancy and stem cell transplantation at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. She completed early postgraduate and specialty training in Sydney, Australia followed by a clinical fellowship at King’s College Hospital. In 2017 she was appointed Transplant Director at Kings College Hospital. She has specialist interests in prevention of relapse post-transplant for haematological malignancies and development of transplantation strategies for sickle cell disease.

Dr. Wendy Ingram
Deputy Medical Director

Dr Wendy Ingram is a Consultant Haematologist at The University Hospital of Wales Cardiff, with an interest in stem cell transplantation, immunotherapy and MDS. She was awarded a PhD in the immune biology of AML in 2009 after completing specialist training at King’s College Hospital London. Dr Ingram is a core member of the UK MDS NCRI subgroup, co-investigator for the TAP and IMPACT portfolios in Cardiff and is principal investigator on a wide range of commercial and investigator led studies in the field of transplantation.

Rebecca Bishop
Team Leader

Becky worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on commercial and academic trials for 5 years. She moved to the CRCTU at the University of Birmingham in 2011 to work on haematology clinical trials. Becky feels the greatest success is when a trial changes practice and has real impact on patients’ lives. She is passionate about accelerating trials to help as many patients as possible.

Rhianna Parsons
Project Manager

Rhianna worked at The Binding Site in Birmingham for 8 years, developing immunoassays for the commercial market. She moved to the CRCTU and began working on IMPACT in 2019. Rhianna finds the ability to make a difference to healthcare for NHS patients the most rewarding part of her role and enjoys her contact with the wider network of IMPACT clinicians and Research Nurses.

Rebecca Collings
Senior Trial Coordinator

Rebecca has worked in research roles at Aston University, MAC Clinical Research, the University of Maryland and John Hopkins University. She started working on IMPACT in April 2020. Rebecca finds the direct correlation between the work the team puts in and the effect it has on Haematology research and patient treatment options especially fulfilling. She enjoys challenging the status quo and bringing high quality trials to NHS patients faster.

Ellie Williams
Trial Coordinator

Ellie previously worked as a Trial Administrator in the IMPACT team and moved to her current role in February 2020. She finds it especially fulfilling to see NHS patients recruited to IMPACT clinical trials and feels the network is important in order to accelerate better treatment options. Ellie also finds it rewarding to contribute to scientific research such as in the field of GvHD.

Waleed Iqbal
Trial Coordinator

Waleed worked in the Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Oxford for 3 years.  He moved to the CRCTU at the University of Birmingham in 2018 to begin working on IMPACT Trials.  Waleed finds working in a multi-disciplinary team alongside the IMPACT Clinicians and Research Nurses the most interesting part of his role.  He believes that by working together, we can help deliver better and safer patient care.

Jane Nunnick
Senior Research Nurse

Jane has a total of 20 years experience in haematology nursing and has been with IMPACT for 2 years, working at the Centre for Clinical Haematology in Birmingham. Jane gets to know her patients and their families very well and is able to identify patients who can be helped by an IMPACT trial, providing them with the counsel necessary to make the right decisions for them during a difficult time.

Andrea Hodgkinson
Senior Trial Coordinator

Andrea gained a PhD in the genetics of Type I diabetes from the University of Plymouth and then established her own laboratory research team in the University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. She moved to IMPACT in 2017 and finds the most fulfilling part of her role guiding a trial to conclusion, providing results that can change the future of treatment for patients. Andrea’s role provides the structure necessary to deliver transplant trials and she feels IMPACT is like a family working together to achieve the same goal.

Mohamed Elhaneid
Trial Coordinator

Mo carried out his PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Birmingham and has held positions in industry as well as lecturing in Toxicology. He joined IMPACT in 2019 and finds it very rewarding directly contributing to scientific research. Mo sees the goal of IMPACT as improving the quality of life of cancer patients, and ultimately working towards a cure. He finds the most fulfilment in being able to help as many patients as possible.

Deimante Drasutyte
Senior Research Nurse

Deimante has worked in research since 2018 and is currently the IMPACT-funded Team Lead for Bone Marrow Transplant Trials at UCLH. Deimante joined IMPACT in 2020 and is pivotal to the setup of trials at site, screening and recruiting patients as well as conducting protocol related assessments. She enjoys educating others about clinical trials and helping dispel common myths. Patient safety is at the heart of everything Deimante does and she works closely with a multidisciplinary team to ensure patients receive holistic care beyond the requirements of IMPACT trials.

Sarah Wright
Research Nurse

Sarah qualified in 2013 and has worked in haematology for 6 years. She joined IMPACT in 2018, working on IMPACT trials at Newcastle Freeman Hospital.

Sarah Pickrell
Research Nurse

Sarah found her passion for working in Haematology whilst training as an Adult Nurse in 2016. She has worked in Haematology for two years and as an IMPACT Research Nurse for one year at King’s College Hospital in London. Sarah loves building a rapport with her patients and finds great satisfaction in improving patients’ lives by investigating new treatments through IMPACT trials.

Sally Springett
Research Nurse

Sally worked on the Clinical Haematology Ward at Churchill Hospital in Oxford for 6 years, gaining experience in bone marrow transplantation and general haematology. She later moved to haematology clinical trials and started her role with IMPACT in 2021. Sally is very excited to be a part of the IMPACT team and the expanding portfolio of clinical trials in bone marrow transplantation, an area which has been neglected in the past. She hopes this will lead to great advances in the future.